November 2020

Stock is up to date on the website store! These will be the only copies available for the rest of the year. I'm currently working on the guidebook for the next deck, The Augenblick Tarot: Gateways Edition, which I'm hoping to open up for pre-orders in early 2021.


July 2020

The small 3rd print run was successful! Thanks to everyone who placed pre-orders and was so patient through the shipping delays. We are sold out of all 55 copies that were ordered.

Please keep an eye out on my Instagram and Facebook sites for any updates on further printings. I will put out an inquiry around mid to late August of 2020 to see if we have enough interest for another print run.


December 2019


There is a new Augenblick Tarot deck in production! This new deck is called Augenblick Tarot: Gateways Edition. I'm currently writing the guidebook for it. I'm pretty happy with almost all the images (there is a possibility that one or two might be changed) and am about halfway done with the guidebook at this point. It will be the same size/shape as the original (3.5 inches x 3.5 inches square).

This deck is much more relaxed than the original tarot deck as it doesn't have the more strict guidelines of environment and place which means you will see many more people in the cards as well as some images that are strikingly reminiscent of Rider-Waite-Smith.

The guidebook will be written in a slightly different style and will include suggested meaning and questions for each direction to help you in your interpretations.

Check out my instagram page (@thetreeswestofhere) for updates and guidebook peeks.