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For those of you who received the misprinted card, Industry, in your Augenblick Oracle deck, see below for the meaning to use for interpretation.

The industrial age is a very modern concept – if we describe modern as in the last few hundred years. Certainly, if we are using the span of known history, it is a small blip in the scope of things. Our lives today seem to be ruled by capitalism, “progress”, the machinery of production and the concept of net worth. These things have brought us a multitude of modern conveniences and ways to connect to each other like never before, but when not kept in check can careen wildly out of control.

It is wise to remember that these concepts are man-made and not natural law. They can be changed, they can be amended, they can be rewritten. We may also need to consider that the positive attributes of industriousness, dedication, and productivity may turn towards their darker counterparts of greed, obsessiveness, and power-hungry control. At what point does progress and convenience outpace empathy, compassion, and care for each other?

This card comes to suggest a deeper look into how you engage with industry on a daily level. If your question is about job prospects, this card may be coming to encourage your participation in industry or steer you in a certain direction. Alternately, are you letting cultural or societal definitions of productivity impinge upon your idea of self-worth? Industry is not in itself a negative thing, but we must always be aware of how we are interfacing with it.

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