Augenblick Lenormand

Welcome to the Augenblick Lenormand! Although I started on the Lenormand several years ago, I could never quite get the design just right for what I was envisioning. I renewed my efforts over the last few months and finally settled on a design that seems to work well and keep the same feeling of the tarot and oracle decks.

Finding images for a Lenormand deck is slightly different than with the tarot. Each image needs to stay true to the cards - there is little room for interpretation. Some images just didn't exist in the lithographic database such as fox, mice, and scythe. You'll see on these cards that I either overlayed an extra visual element or used the closest image that still conveyed the meaning. The fox, for example, depicts a lynx caught in a trap. The scythe shows a hoe being used to harvest a crop.

Even though there is no guidebook, the images should be standard enough that other published books and websites written about Lenormand can be consulted when using this deck.