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  • Shannon Loftis

Super Blood Moon Eclipse grid

The grid we have here is mainly concerned with 6 different ideas which all work and coalesce into the main theme. There are two separate groups of stones in this configuration. Group one includes peach selenite, aegirine and chrysocolla. Group two includes blue lace agate, hanksite, and blue fluorite. The center stone, a trigonic quartz, is our anchor and cohesion point which translates the full pattern into our etheric bodies.

You will see a lot of echoes happening between these two groups, though, so they are not as separate as they may seem. The first concept which is being displayed here is that of a door opening to our etheric bodies – this is happening through the overall conjunction of the trigonic quartz but more blatantly through the peach selenite. Selenite is a key that unlocks access to your etheric body, and once consciously unlocked, it can provide grounding of the light body into your physical body. Aegirine which you will find in close contact with the peach selenite and surrounding the chrysocolla, can be a lightning rod for high frequency waves of light and information and allows those frequencies to permeate the slower, more dense waves of our physical selves.

Positioned as they are, you can see that selenite is opening the gateway and aegirine is channeling those resources into the more inner portions of the grid. If you follow the direction that the aegirine is pointing, you’ll see it connects linearly with the blue lace agate. While the blue lace agate is part of group two, it plays the third note in the issue of opening up the pathways between the different layers of the biomagnetic self. Blue lace agate opens the way to the experience of higher energies. Many times, we can open up that gateway but have no clue what to do after that and how to even process the type of information that is coming through. Blue lace agate here is a sort of translator for us that counteracts any sort of repression or suppression of feelings that stem from fear of being judged or rejected. This is a powerful moment. How often do self-limiting thoughts and cultural/personal beliefs around worthiness stifle our access to the divine parts of ourselves? When faced with this new information we also need to carry a sort of non-judgmental openness, at least enough to figure out what will stay and be helpful, and what might be held for later and/or passed over.

The second concept that is activated by many of the stones is that of clearing. Since we have a lot of throat chakra stones, you’ll see a lot of focus on the clearing and strengthening of that chakra, which we’ll talk about shortly. Selenite, trigonic quartz, aegirine, hanksite, blue lace agate, they all carry slightly different notes but they are concerned with bringing coherence into your system. Let’s see what they focus on individually in regards to clearing. The one thing I want you to pay attention to is the concept of clearing out outmoded thought patterns, beliefs and/or behaviors that no longer serve you.

Selenite opens, clears, and activates the crown chakra as well as clearing blockages and any debris to let the light body become in balance with the physical body. Aegirine clears the aura to allow a pathway for you to access higher frequencies but it also is excellent in helping to take new energetic attunements/lessons/patterns and helping them “stick” or “set up” into our new understanding of ourselves and our beings as light beings. Chrysocolla opens and clears the throat chakra in order for you to channel loving knowledge. Chrysocolla also draws out guilt and reverses destructive emotional patterning. Blue lace agate clears the throat chakra as well so that the highest spiritual truths can be expressed. Hanksite clears out thought and behavior patterns that no longer serve. This stone also is ideal for drawing out impurities and toxins from the physical body in preparation for the light body access. Blue fluorite does a tad less clearing and more balancing of the third eye chakra and mental energies.

So, we can see that after we have opened up or gained a clear access to higher frequencies, we immediately go into a cleansing period using almost every single stone on the grid. How will we be accepting of new ways of thinking and doing if we have not cleaned out the behaviors that are currently gumming up the works??

The next two concepts addressed in the grid are so closely related and intertwined that I’ll address them as one. We are being directed to address issues of power. Hanksite and aegirine are especially concerned with a heightened awareness of one’s own issues and karma surrounding the abuse of power. If one had past lives or is currently experiencing issues of misuse of one’s power, these will be highlighted at this time. Hanksite cautions that power should/must be used for the good of all and not in selfish ways. Both of these stones, though, carry the frequency of forgiveness and most importantly they carry a lot of energy related to wise discernment.

This is an important aspect of moving forward and making decisions that are healthy and beneficial to you. Selenite helps by pinpointing lessons and issues that are still being worked on, shows you how to resolve them, and brings a conscious awareness/understanding of what has been occurring on a subconscious level. Aegirine carries energies of enlightened action, karmic understanding and spiritual commitment. So, once you have brought up any imbalances for review, you can make informed, higher thought decisions with the understanding of big picture energetic consequences and stay committed to the path of those high frequency ideals. Be aware, though, that aegirine can also stimulate experiences that assist you in reclaiming your power and receiving guidance for that power’s proper application.

Blue lace agate and hanksite both are strong helpers for those who have a hard time discerning the truth, in others AND in yourself. There won’t be any lying to yourself if you’re committed to this path. Hanksite will assist you in attuning to your own spiritual guidance instead of relying on your emotional self for direction.

Blue fluorite, in the process of balancing the third eye chakra and mental body, helps you to make subtle but important discriminations about who and what you allow into your world. It helps you select a direction, commit to action, and plan the steps it will take for you to achieve your desires.

I need to swing back to the concept of power for the one-two punch we get delivered by having chrysocolla and blue lace agate together in this grid.

If you take nothing more away with you from this conglomeration of energies it should be this: We are being asked at this time in history, in this time in your life, in this cycle of the planets and in this stage of evolution to recognize as deeply as possible how the words we use affect our reality. Chrysocolla and blue lace agate are allowing us to channel the loving knowledge of the heart to others by facilitating the expression of our hearts’ deepest truth. For those who already speak up and for those maybe afraid to do so, this grid is coming together to encourage us to share our true selves without masks or artifice so that our wisdom can be conveyed through our words and energies. There is no room for lies or subterfuge any longer, the energetic patterns won’t allow it. By our words we will create our reality.

The last idea this grid brings us is protection. In selenite, hanksite and aegirine you see elements of protection. From radiation and ULF in our environment (aegirine), from spirit attachment (selenite and hanksite), and from blue fluorite we see a strong force that brings our beings into coherence that provides strength and confidence.

Lastly, we come to the center stone – a trigonic quartz. These stones mainly focus on multidimensional awareness. Their aim is to eliminate conflict in all its manifestations – personal, collective, inner/outer. By meditating on this grid or by taking the elixir, the pattern of trigonic quartz will begin to work on culling combative behaviors and conflict-based beliefs. It’s facilitating this intimate connection with our light bodies, helping us re-pattern our ideals and beliefs, creating a calm center around which everything flows, and giving a Divine structure to our communication so that we can collectively speak truth and love.

Reach out to me if you are interested in getting an elixir* made from this grid. It was created in the period of the recent super blood wolf moon eclipse on Jan. 20, 2019.

*If you've never taken stone grid elixir's here's some quick info:

Stone grid elixirs combine the power of sacred geometry and the frequencies of crystals and stones in an easy to use elixir that can be carried in your pocket, tucked into your luggage, or kept on your altar at home. They are made to be taken on a daily or as desired basis over a long period of time - typically a month or more.

Each stone grid elixir is made using filtered water, a piece of clear quartz to hold the programming of the grid, and is preserved with brandy so that it may be taken safely over time. Just place 2-4 drops under the tongue daily.

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